Case Study Rubric

The analysis is based on the article(s) you have chosen. If for instance you are talking about inflation, discuss whether any of the two countries is facing or have faced high inflation or deflation and how they dealt with it and compare it with the other country. Just try to apply what you have learned in class to the countries in question.
-First provide a clear summary then your analysis relating to at least three topics covered in class.
For instance, if the article talks about the hyperinflation of Zimbabwe in 2008, in your analysis you should explain what triggered this hyperinflation and provide a solution such ad contractionary fiscal policy or so…or if the articles are comparing the economic performance of two countries, explain why one is doing better than the other if so. 
Basically, you need to find two articles about two different countries. Then you analyze both countries economic performance relating to at least three topics covered in our macroeconomics class. If a country is facing high inflation, it is not necessary the other country is facing the same issue. You can use more articles or textbooks as reference.
– The case study should be 4 pages in MLA format double spaced
– With references included on the last page