– MLA Format

-4 pages

-Reference page

– paper must answer all questions within the paper

-Turnitin report required

Essay Questions that must included in the body of the essay:

Named describe some animals and plants present in the Desert. Discuss any challenges for these organisms, why is it hard and features that organisms must possess to thrive in the desert. What do the animals in the desert mainly feed on? Does the desert supply this? Justify whether the animals in the desert are numerous or rare. Explain why. What is the ecological importance of the plants in the desert? Justify whether the plants in the desert are numerous or rare, why?

Describe how the desert may or mayn’t affect the human population. Why is the desert important to the human population?

What benefits of the desert are imperative to the biosphere population? explain how the desert impacts our food source. Discuss a few issues that the desert might encounter. Are humans having an impact on the desert? explain.

Explain how the desert could be affecting the U.S. economy. is this a positive or negative impact? discuss the impact. If negatively impacting, please explain what humans could do to use the desert to boost out economy in the future? if positively impacting, please explain what we can do to continue taking care of the desert to sustain positively impacting our economy.

Discuss what you can do to help the desert. What are some ways that humans can ensure that the desert does not further break down in the future? if humans are destroying the desert, please describe how you would stop the human destruction. Once human destruction was eliminated. how would the desert look different in the future from what it does today?

Describe in the paper the relationships the animals have to each other.