Assignment Content

  1. 1.Nonverbal communication is difficult to interpret and complex for what 3 reasons?

    2.__________ codes are a distinct, organized means of expression that consist of symbols and rules for their use.

    3.Kinesics is a term for a system of studying what three things of nonverbal communication?

    4._________ are those aspects of spoken language that are oral but not verbal.

    5.The study of the communicative function of touch is known as _________.

    6.Computer-mediated communication refers to __________ carried through an intervening system of digital electronic storage and transmitted between two or more people.

    7.When it comes to determining whether face-to-face (FtF) is more useful than CMC (or vice versa), this position argues that mediated communication is less useful than FtF communication.

    8.When we say that CMC is a “filtered” form of communication, what is being filtered out?

    9.Juan has a blog where he posts his pictures and thoughts. Lately, he’s been upset because someone who calls himself “Mr. Smith” has been posting hurtful comments on Juan’s blog. Juan’s situation illustrates which consequence of CMC anonymity?

    10.What does it mean to manage an impression online?