• Watch the video linked below and answer the following questions.



  1. What was the ethical moment?
  2. Do you agree with what he did?
  3. What would you have done?




  • Please read the two discussions (the discussion includes the following 3 questions) below and write a 100 to 150 words respond for each discussion.


  • The first discussion (3 questions):
  1. The ethical moment is when the soldiers were told to lie about the death of their fellow soldier by their captain instead of telling the truth that it was due to an accident.
  2. I do not agree with the decision to lie because I imagine the soldiers would feel extremely guilty and eventually the truth would come out and when it did, it would make the captain look like a terrible person. The soldiers have a million other things they are worried about and the last thing they should have to stress about is lying.
  3. I would have told the truth because the soldiers are already having to deal with the loss of their friend and to lie would feel like a dishonor to him.
  • The second discussion (3 questions):
  1. The ethical moment is when Captain Winters decides to tell his men that they do not need to do another patrol across the river into enemy territory again, despite direct orders from the Colonel. Although the first patrol was “successful” in recovering two prisoners to question, the mission took the life of one of Captain Winters’ young soldiers. Winters told his men to lie and say that they were able to get across the river into enemy territory a second time but were unable to capture anymore prisoners this time, when in reality they got a full nights sleep.
  2. I agree with Captain Winters’ actions to spare his soldiers’ and friends’ lives by not having them do another mission that could cost them more than reward them. Captain Winters and the soldiers did not agree with Colonel Sink’s orders, so Winters decided to give his men a break from horrific war action. Although Captain Winters defied an order from a superior, I believe it was the right thing to do considering the losses all of the men have suffered already.
  3. It is hard to say what I would have done because I could not even fathom the amount of courage and bravery to even fight in such a brutal war. I think that I would try to do what Captain Winters did to spare my friends’ lives, especially from a mission that nobody agrees with except the braggadocios command of the Colonel who likes the idea of commanding a “successful” infantry unit.