1) What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? How Much Does CSR Matter? Explain a business organization that exhibits and demonstrates these concepts. You should develop a summary of the organizations strategy and how they use these concepts to compete. Support your answer with 3 references.

2) Identify commonalities and differences in the CSR theories and methodologies?

3) Using your textbook, the Internet, or any other electronic journal database, research a peer-reviewed article that applies to the topic “Evaluate strategy and the competing strategy perspectives. Determine how strategy and CSR are integrated throughout organizations”.

· Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose

 Discuss how the article and/or author(s) support your argument(s)

 Provide the most important aspects of the article as it directly related to the topic.

 Include the industry example demonstrating the application of your researched article

 Include your findings and conclusions

 Include the in-text citation in APA format to properly reference your article

4) Research a current event that is related to “Determine the common organizational, economic, and societal issues of CSR in organizations”. Use electronic news agencies or journals to research a current event should be 1 year old. Include an industry example demonstrating the application of your researched current event Answer below questions.

  1. A summary of the event.
  2. A brief statement about the relationship of the       current event to the topic.
  3. As a manager, how would apply what you have       learned to an organization.