Instructor”s question and case for class discussion:
“Why do we need to understand data visualisations? There is more and more data around us, and data are increasingly used in decision-making, journalism, and to make sense of the world. One of the main ways that people get access to data is through visualisations, but lots of people feel like they don’t have the skills and knowledge to make sense of visualisations. This can mean that some people feel left out of conversations about data.” –
Choose three of your favorite visualizations. Post a 3 – 5 sentence summary (for each) of why you chose the visualizations. What catches your attention? Are these visuals effective in presenting the provided data? If possible, explain what you would do to improve the visualization(s).
Also Reply to your classmates:
When replying to a classmate, offer your opinion on what he/she posted and the visualizations they chose. Using at least 3 – 5 sentences, explain if you agree or disagree with his/her evaluation of the visualizations.