Create web pages for your database using PHP. You should have one page that will return all the information from the database. You should create additional pages or however you want to handle it that will allow you to do various queries of your database. You should be able to retrieve and insert data. For extra credit, include functionality to delete data from your database. I will be looking for these features. Feel free to handle those functions however you feel is best for your project.
Create an html form that will allow you to enter in new information for the database. The information should be handled by a PHP script that will take the data and input it into the database.
The interface doesn’t have to look real pretty at this point. That will be done in the next phase. If you want to go ahead and make things look nice, feel free to do so.
If you have not yet created a home page, create a home page that contains links to each of the web pages you create to access your database. On each of the database pages create a button (link) to go back to the home page. Your project must have more than one page; your home page should have links to other pages to perform operations on the database. Some appropriate picture or image should be on the home page that relates to you project. Make your project look as professional as possible. You may want to show it during a interview.