Topic – DNA sequencing
Biotechnology is the use of living organisms or their components to perform practical tasks. The scientific principal behind biotechnology has been around for centuries in early practices of food production and preservation (wine, cheese, and meat curing), selective breeding of livestock and field crops, and the production of antibiotics and holistic medicines from microorganisms. Today, biotechnology is used to manipulate genes, isolate DNA, and discover the genetic code of countless organisms, including humans. Currently, the practice of biotechnology is revolutionizing biological research, human medicine, criminal law, and agriculture.
Each individual student will need to write a short synopsis of the chosen topic (1-2 paragraphs) adequately describing the topic as thoroughly as possible.  Do not focus on a specific event or type (I.E. Lupus for autoimmune disorder) describe “all” autoimmune disorders.
Items to address in the DB:.

  1. Describe the topic by listing when it came into being


  1. what is the technology?


  1. How does it work?


  1. What are the positive/negative aspects of the topic?


  1. What are the current and potential uses of the technology?


  1. What is its application to modern science, technology, industry, business, and/or government.


  1. How does this technology relate to modern society?

If applicable, describe how this biotechnology has evolved.  Some topics are very new whereas others have been around for some time.  Some have limited applications while others are global.
Research the topic, then write about it in your own words.  Do not copy and paste information from the internet or other sources.  This is to be your own original work.
*Please do not include personal opinions about any of the technologies.
**Don’t forget to cite all sources using MLA documentation.