Watch Star Wars: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Based on this film, write an article of 500-1000 words in which the film is analyzed based on ethnic and religious trends

And Star Wars in the 1970s not only reflected these trends, but also created new ones. Explain why the movie is so popular in the United States.

Paper requirements:

• Write in third person voice. Do not use first-person speech.

• Use Arial or Helvetica font, 12 points

• Margins on all four sides of the paper should be 1 ”

• The name block is a single line. The rest of this article is double-spaced.

• Do not add extra space after a carriage return or any other paper stretching method.

Keep in mind that word count (500-1000 words) is required, so try expanding

It doesn’t make sense to turn three pages into five. When you hand in paper electronically

Give word count. Short papers will receive considerable deductions.

• Grammar, punctuation, spelling and proper essay format counting. You should be able to

Write well-organized papers, including solid introductions, well-organized, cohesive articles, and appropriate conclusions.

• No external source is required for this work.

• Double-check if you cited the source. When it comes to stealing, I’m ruthless,

Therefore, make sure that your source is quoted correctly. Include only bibliography

The ending is not enough. You must include both appropriate citation notes and bibliography

MLA, APA or Chicago-Turabian style.

• Place your name, class, and subject number (history record 146-02) on your thesis

Top right corner.