During Week 1, you took the Curiosity Self-Assessment and you read a “Research Brief” about the research skills that college grads bring to the workplace. The “Research Brief” addresses traditional academic pathways, which often doesn’t represent the PSU experience – students here tend to return to academia after working full time. This week we follow up by reflecting on the research skills that you bring to this class through your past experiences.

This is also your chance to introduce yourself to your group. You’ll be helping each other out with your research projects all quarter, so provide a little bit of info about yourself such as your job, your academic or career goals, and/or a fun fact.

Then, address these two areas in your post:

  • What did the Curiosity Self-Assessment tell you about what kind of researcher you might be? Does this fit with how you see yourself? How could the different kinds of curiosity relate to doing business research?
  • What research skills have you developed through your experience in the workplace? What do you think are some of the differences between doing research for school and for work? Do you agree with the article’s position that college grads are not prepared for work in some ways?

Please aim for ~500 words in your post.