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  1. In your opinion and based on the readings, what are the differences between consensual sex work and nonconsensual sex work (sex trafficking)? What kinds of changes in our culture would help both sex workers and trafficking victims?


  1. What post on Tits & Sass did you read, and what did you think about it? Did it challenge any ideas you have about sex work?


  1. How do you know porn is porn? Is it possible for porn to be “feminist” or “ethical”? What about erotica? Similarly, what thoughts do you have in response to reading the guide to acting as a feminist in a strip club?


  1. What concepts from our class are illuminated by the three chapters (by Miller-Young, Rivera, and Horn) from “Coming Out Like a Porn Star”?


  1. Do you think that sexually explicit materials are helpful, harmful, or neutral? What place, if any, do they have in a society? Do you think they influence our sexual behavior, or are they a reflection of our sexual behavior (or both)?

Write a minimum 500 words discussion post. Be sure to address the class materials in your assignment. You need to make at least 3 direct references (with appropriate in-text citations) to the text or readings. Bring the information into your discussion to show understanding. Do not just make a passing reference with no discussion.
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Article writing homework help