For your Story 3 assignment, you are to conduct an interview or interviews and write a 350-word news feature story (not a Q&A) that can serve as a sidebar to the meeting you wrote about for Story 2, which was based on one the videos in the attached list.*
Your interview must be with someone who is in a position to talk authoritatively about an issue of your choosing that is closely related to your Story 2’s topic (information and link below). You will need to apply creative critical thinking and researching skills to figure out who that should be and what topic to explore.
For example, if you wrote about a county council meeting at which funding for the local kill shelter was an issue, you might interview an animal rights advocate about alternative programs. If you wrote about a public school board meeting to eliminate bus routes, you might interview the PTA president who spoke at the meeting about the dangers of walking to school. If you attending a police town hall, you might interview a precinct captain about the rising crime rate you discovered in reviewing the FBI crime date online. The person or persons you interview must be a community leader, activist, law enforcement official, or other local, state, or national authority on your topic — or someone who spoke at the meeting about the issue, for example, or someone you discovered in your post-meeting research.
Meeting Story Exercise Video #4
City of Columbia, S.C., Council meeting Sept. 6, 2016
Best story option: Public Hearing Item #30 (agenda) (video) (time frame 46:22 – 1:33:32)