For this assignment, you will be assigned 1 article from Simon Knell’s Care of Collections to read(Chapter 29  Disaster Preparedness ).   Prepare a 5-7 slide Google Slide Show or PowerPoint that OUTLINES your individual findings. The presentation slides should be submitted to the instructor electronically via email attachment or link to Google Drive files by or before April 8.
As an individual, prepare a slide show outlining the main points of the chapter you were assigned to read and include how the article selected relates to that chapter. You may wish to also address in your slides additional research or experiential findings regarding associated collections care topics.
Introduce yourself, chapter and article titles, authors and dates. – Identify the main points of the chapter and article and any additional pertinent information. – Respond to the chapter and article and analyze their significance to collections care in museums. – Share your findings/conclusions with the instructor for class review