1. Write one essay for each question, total 2 essay. (2 page per essay, total 4 pages)

2. All essays are argumentative. Essays should, therefore, be organized around a strong argumentative thesis, with the body of the essay composed of explanation and exemplification in support of and/or as justification for the thesis.

3. double spaced, 12-point font, TNR

4. should have one-inch (1”) margins: top, bottom, left, right.

5. use in-text citations with a “Works Cited” bibliography.

* (Author’s last name, page number). In-text

* Last name, First name. Title. Publisher, Year.  Work Cited book

* Last name, First name. “Title.” Journal Name, Volume: Issue Number (Year), pagination. Work Cited periodical

Ps: think about horror film/horror story

the first esssay question : 1. Why the prominence in horror of contagion and mutation or apocalyptic disaster and devastation? Is contagion generally only about globalization, technology, disease, war, and environmental sustainability?

the second essay question: 2. Regarding horror as concept and genre in general: thinking about meaning and use of metaphor in the horror genre specifically, what metaphors express the alterity of loathing or the uncanny of fears? In addition, how has contemporary horror conserved or transformed these metaphors? (For the metaphor question: can think about movie like Get Out – Racism; The VVitch – Religious guilt, misogyny; character like zombie/werewolf/witch etc and their metaphor represents.  )

the atteched files are articles just brief references. You also can find other outside references and article for more ideas and arguments, remember to cite all of them.

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