Step 4: Write the Informal Field-Investigation Report Begin a new page in the same Word document as your outline. Follow your outline as you draft your informal report using the illustration on page 9 in your study unit (do not use an email app). Use the ABC method for developing paragraphs and the headings shown in the sample field-investigation report in this study unit. Keep in mind your purpose is to inform the Phoenix Advertising executive team about your investigation and recommend solutions for the problems at Roanoke. After providing your purpose statement and location of the branch, use the following along with your outline to write your report. 1. Description of investigation. Describe in complete sentences and paragraphs the ways you investigated the problems to find the causes of each problem and their impact on business/morale. This section must describe a variety of objective, specific methods used, such as employee and management interviews, surveys, attendance records, budget reviews, and organizational observations. Use different methods to verify facts and causes—don’t use just an employee’s words or feelings. 2. Results. Write a numbered list of findings using complete sentences in which you fully identify the source of the causes underlying each problem and show the impact of each cause on employee morale/business. Provide a clear analysis of each problem in the scenario, identifying the underlying causes of each one and describing the impact on the company. Don’t merely summarize the scenario. By showing the underlying issues connected to specific impact/results, you establish a basis for your recommendations and show you’re addressing the root of the problems. You’ll probably need more than one sentence for several of your findings. 3. Conclusions. Clearly summarize the primary causes for the problems and their impact on business/morale. Use complete sentences and one or two paragraphs. 4. Recommendations. List detailed solutions connected to the root cause of each problem, which you identified in the Results section. Define specific procedures or processes that Phoenix must undertake to boost morale and profitability. List each recommendation in the same order as the causes you defined in Results. You may use imperative or declarative sentences. Step 5: Revise Referring to the above instructions and the evaluation criteria for the exam, revise your work carefully for clarity, content, and coherence. Edit grammar, spelling, and punctuation thoroughly. Read through your work backward using the following methods: © PENN FOSTER, INC. 2017 WRITING THE REPORT PAGE 45 Graded Project n Word by word. Use this way to locate spelling errors. Be alert—you may see the word here in your essay, a correctly spelled word. But also check the words on either side. Did you mean here in terms of location or did you mean the sense of hearing? n Sentence by sentence. By looking at each group of words separately from the context, you can more easily locate run-on sentences or fragments. Compare the length and structure of each sentence for variety. Also check the connections between sentences—are they coherent? n Paragraph by paragraph. Locate the controlling idea of each paragraph and compare them with your primary focus for the report. Does the paragraph help to develop that focus in some specific way? Then, match controlling ideas of each paragraph to the one before it and the one after it. Do they follow in logical order?

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