Architecture and Design homework help. Please answer the questions by the given links.
Byzantine Art takes it’s name from the ancient city of Byzantium (formerly Constantinople, and today, Istanbul, Turkey). The Empire was the Eastern part of the old Roman Empire but Byzantine art is markedly different from Roman art.  After the Crusades, and sack of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453, the traditions of Byzantine Art ended up in Russia primarily. (Links to an external site.)
Link Mosaics (Links to an external site.)
The Beginner’s Guide will give you an overview for each period of Byzantine Art (Early, Middle, Late) using the guide, summarize what you believe are the 3 most important artistic, cultural, OR historic events for EACH period.  Then, watching the short video on mosaics – answer the following – what are mosaics, were were/are they placed, and what types of materials were used to make mosaics 
Link Engineering an Empire – Byzantium (Links to an external site.)
By far, the most famous church to be built in the Early Empire period for the Emperor Justinian was Hagia Sophia (Church of Holy Wisdom in Greek).  The link above is from a much longer program – watch between 30:00- 35:42 (about 5 minutes) and summarize why it was built, who designed it (what were their backgrounds), and what did they do to construct such a massive dome – describe it USING THE VIDEO. How does the church reaffirm Justinian’s power?
In addition to mosaics, icons are another huge component of Byzantine art and religious tradition.  Icons are traditionally wood panels painted with the image of Christ, Mary, or other religious figures.  The word itself, from the Greek means image. The first link below is from an article describing the iconoclastic controversy during the Byzantine Empire – what was it? Why did it come about?  what was the counter argument for keeping the icons?  Then, watch the video (Questioning Religious Authority) – at what other times in history did iconoclasm, or image breaking, take place? Why?  The end of the video talks about the Baymian Buddhas – what is the irony surrounding their destruction? 
Link Iconoclastic Controversies (Links to an external site.)
Link – Questioning Religious AuthorityLinks to an external site.

Architecture and Design homework help