The knowledge of research methods are valuable as a consumer of research. Some examples of how the research can be conducted are through interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, and surveys just to name a few (Creusen, 2013). These are the data collection research methods that can be used to answer specific questions based on new products or a specific piece of information wanted by these. For example, if a question was to be asked on do you think that the Playstation 5 is better than the Playstation 4? This question could be answered based on your own personal biases but information can also be gathered by interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, and surveys. Answering the questions based on bias or based off of a basic internet search is not necessarily true data. The questionnaire and surveys could allow for a more significant amount of data to be collected and be able to determine a better validity of the question asked. Using internet common searches such as Google or Bing will be able to find you answers but are they really reliable? Answer is usually they are not reliable.

When a person conducts actual research that allows the person to be able to determine based off of the research the answer to the question. However, to fully develop an answer that would be valid the research must be conducted in many different locations and with a variety of different people. For example, if I were to conduct a survey on is the Playstation 5 better than the Playstation 4 just in my neighborhood I would have a basic answer to my question. If I was to go throughout the city and have the survey conducted I would have a more valid answer to my question.

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