Coaches and medical experts have known for a while that the severe hits that football players take on the field can lead to concussions, blackouts, and even permanent damage. More recently, however, there has been increasing concern that the effects of repeated hits to the head may not manifest themselves until decades later. Early studies suggest that former National Football League (NFL) players suffer high rates of memory and other cognitive problems years after retiring and that they also may develop these problems earlier than non-football players do.

Do you think that football playing should be stopped? Should the rules of the game be changed to eliminate hard hitting? Is the risk of permanent cognitive disability different than the risk of permanent physical disability? Wrestlers, soccer players, boxers, and other types of athletes are also at risk for long-term brain damage. Should these sports be changed or banned? How did the information in this unit influence your opinions?

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I agree, some of the rules you’re stating, I had no clue of. Those are reasonable and completely understandable. I didn’t know of players dying on the field due to head injuries. That’s quite scary and puts a different perspective onto things. Also, the Nascar fact about tailored helmets is very interesting. I figured they were all just made the same and could just be customized as in looks. As I stated in my response to the original post, I do believe it shouldn’t be banned, most of these people have worked all their lives to get to where they are and they know what is at stake.