ACCOUNTING&202 – Financial Accounting Paper  
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General project instructions:
Please read this document carefully, if you submit the assignment incorrectly and are asked to resubmit it for any reason, it will be considered as at least one day late.
Choose a company in which you are interested. Your company must be a Fortune 500 company and it must be traded on a national stock exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ). If you want to look at a list of possibilities, go to, which has a list of the Fortune 500 companies.
You will have an easier time if you do not choose a foreign owned company, public utility, financial institution (bank) or brokerage firm, or an insurance company.
Download a copy of the annual report or 10-K. You will be referring to it constantly and take screen shot to complete all parts of this project. Almost all the information for this project should come from your company’s annual report (or 10-K).
If you need help taking a screenshot, please watch this video:
When a question asks you to explain, describe, analyze, etc., use complete sentences and well-organized paragraphs.
Part 1 (Use the same company for all parts of the project.)
Obtain the Annual Report for your company
Obtain and download an annual report, or a Form 10-K, for your Fortune 500 Company. If you have a choice between an annual report and a Form 10-K, use the annual report. A useful resource is This site provides links to the Web sites of Fortune 500 companies. The easiest way to obtain a company’s annual report is to Google the company plus “annual report”. For example, if my company was Boeing, I would Google, “Boeing annual report”. Make sure to select the most recent year’s annual report.
Name of company chosen: ___________________________________
(You will use the same company for all parts of the project)
Year of the annual report: ______________
Information about the company:
Describe the nature of the company’s business.
List the company’s primary products or services (use brand names where available).
What is the address of the company’s corporate headquarters?
What is the address of the company’s Web site?
Who is the chairman of the company’s board of directors?
Who is the company’s CEO?
Provide the following market data:
On what stock exchange is the company’s stock traded?
What is the ticker symbol for the company?
What was the price of the company’s stock at the end of one day during this past week?
Price: _______________________ Date: ______________________
Overview of annual report
Locate the following areas of your annual report and note the page number(s) of each:

  1. Provide a financial analysis of the company chosen. Refer to the balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings (OE), and the cash flow statements of the company to present their financial position or standing? (For example: How much total assets did they have, what was their debt structure, how much net income or net loss did they incur, total expenses, what was their debt to equity structure, etc.)





Use the company’s balance sheet in your annual report to answer the following questions. (You may also need to refer to the footnotes.)
Page on which balance sheet appears: _________
(Insert screen shot here to support your answers.)
What is the par, or stated value, per share of the common stock? $__________
How many shares of common stock have been issued?
Annual Report: Current year _________________
How many shares of common stock are outstanding?
Annual Report: Current year _________________
Does the company have any preferred stock? ______________________
If so, what is the: Par value per share _______



  1. Using the formula given in the textbook,calculate the following ratios for the most current years. You might find outstanding shares for multiple years in the stockholders’ equity statement:

Show your computations.
Basic Earnings per share (EPS):
Annual Report: Current year ______________________

  1.       Explain what information this ratio provides. Why do we use it?

Quick & Current-Acid test ratio:
Annual Report: Current year ______________________

  1.       Explain what information this ratio provides. Why do we use it?

Debt to Equity ratio:
Annual Report: Current year ______________________

  1. Explain what information this ratio provides. Why do we use it?

Profitability ratio:
Annual Report: Current year ______________________

  1. Explain what information this ratio provides. Why do we use it?

How to submit this assignment:
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